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Intercultural Competence: Behavioural Flexiblity

For the ICU-Project we started creating a table game to improve our behaviour in different situations.


Explanation of the name: We mixed the German and the Italian words for behavior which are “verhalten” and “comportamento”.


Materials: There are 10 cards showing different activities and six empty cards to add more activities.


Instructions: The game is played in groups. The players are split in groups of the same nationality. Each group has to take a card. The first group has to act the activity. The other group has to observe, think about what they would have done differently and then discuss together (i.e.: Do you think you would be able to adapt or do the same? What could be the most difficult situation for you?...).

After that you swap the roles.


Activities: 1. Ordering in a restaurant (i.e.: How do you call the waiter?...)

                  2. Laying the table (i.e.: Do you use the tablecloth? Or the napkins?...)

                  3. Answering the phone (i.e.: do you say your name? Or just “hello”?....)

                  4. Conflicts (i.e.: Are you used to shout to each other?, Do you beat up?...)

                  5. Acquaintance meeting (i.e.: Are you used to kiss the other?, Do you usually greet?... )

                  6. Timetables (i.e.: What time do you have breakfast/luch/dinner?...)

                  7. Eating meals (i.e.: Do you usually eat alone?, Or with your family?...)

                  8. Going to a party (i.e.: Do you usually dance?, Or you just sit down?...)

                  9. Having a conversation (i.e.: What is the level of your voice? Do you move your hands?...)

                  10. Having breakfast (i.e.: Do you usually have a salty or sweet breakfast?....)

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